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 “Let us make bricks… and let us build ourselves a city” BRICKS in 19th-CENTURY ARCHITECTURE of the KINGSTON AREA by Jennifer McKendry. 108 pp., pb, well illustrated in colour, 8.5 x 11 inches, ISBN 978-0-9866343-3-8, $33. Buildings made with brick may be as ancient as biblical times but when did it begin in the Kingston area? Did it begin with minor aspects (such as chimneys and hearths) in frame or stone buildings and evolve into all-brick buildings? Where were bricks made? Were there fashions in brickwork and ornament? Kingston has a reputation as “The Limestone City” but how realistic was that in the 19th century?





MODERN ARCHITECTURE IN KINGSTON: a SURVEY of 20th-CENTURY BUILDINGS by Jennifer McKendry. 80 pp., pb, 300+ b&w illustrations, 8.5 x 11 inches, index, ISBN 978-0-9866343-2-1, $11. Examples from the Classicism of the Beaux-Arts to the avant-garde of the International Style during the modern era. From p. 35:

In Kingston, the modern era perhaps begins in 1926-27, when the Annandale Apartments complex was being planned by Colin Drever. The Annex at 119-121 Earl Street is particularly severe exercise in International Style. The cubic form, plain wall surfaces and ribbon windows echo certain aspects of Gropius’s Bauhaus Building of 1925-26 in Dessau. The brick and wood materials are traditional but the main high-rise apartment building was constructed with a steel frame with reinforced concrete. Ribbon windows in houses were incorporated into certain of Le Corbusier’s houses of the mid 1920s… .



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EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY in KINGSTON from the DAGUERREOTYPE to the POSTCARD by Jennifer McKendry. 143 pp., pb, fully illustrated, 8.5 x 11 inches, ISBN 978-0-9866343-1-4, $24.  Fascinating images of the city’s people and places from the mid 19th century into the 20th century, including early postcards. About 100 photographers are described from J.J. Abbott to D.A. Weese. Entries on Barrow, Henderson, Powell, Sheldon & Davis and others. Technical aspects are illustrated and discussed.






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new edition available!! 

PORTSMOUTH VILLAGE, Kingston. An Illustrated History by Jennifer McKendry,  112 pp., 8.5" x 11", 300 + illus., pb., colour cover, chronology, index, ISBN 978-0-9866343-0-7, $22. Includes an essay on the village's history, and features the histories and architectural features of more than 60 buildings from the 19th century, all well illustrated with historic and contemporary photographs, as well as helpful maps. Here are such well known examples as the Kingston Penitentiary and Rockwood Villa - and also the houses and shops that tell us something about how ordinary people lived and worked in the 19th century. The appendices include Selected Buildings of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Lost Portsmouth, and Chronology 1784 to 2000. Now available: the second edition, revised & enlarged by 16 pages, including more maps & aerial views. The price remains the same as the first edition but postage has gone up ($3.67 actual mailing cost in Canada  + .33 packaging = $4).

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available as well in Kingston at Novel Idea, Campus Bookstore & Peters Drugs


OUT-OF-PRINT: limited number of copies available

WITH OUR PAST BEFORE US: 19TH-CENTURY ARCHITECTURE in the KINGSTON AREA  by  Jennifer McKendry,  University of Toronto Press, 242 pp., 8.5" x 11", 107 illus., pb., glossary, index, ISBN 0-8020-7474-X, $20 (originally $29.99)  Early buildings of all types and materials are examined inside and out. Architectural histories of the Penitentiary, Rockwood Insane Asylum, Kingston City Hall, The Crystal Palace, St George's Cathedral, Rockwood Villa, Bellevue House, and many more. Chapter headings: (1) "An Impression of Substantiality and Durability": an Introduction to the Architecture of the Kingston Area; (2) "A Residence Fit for Any Gentleman in the Country": from Cabin to Castle; (3) God's Houses; (4) Buying and Selling; (5) Civic Pride; (6) Controlling Society through Architectural Design; (7) From a "Howling Wilderness" to a "Stately and Antiquated City".          

 "a special bargain that will repay hours of pleasure, in reading and in admiring the 'past before us'  in our historic buildings" Kingston Whig-Standard



 KEY DATES in CANADIAN ART by Jennifer McKendry and Blake McKendry, 37 pages, 8.5" x 11", 23 b & w illus., pb., ISBN 0-9693298-5-7, $5 new reduced price (originally $10). An extensive chronology of Canadian art and architecture providing  a backbone or overall time reference for persons studying specialized portions of the nation's visual culture. A timeline for the connoisseur and student alike!


OUT-OF-PRINT: limited number of copies available    

An ILLUSTRATED COMPANION to CANADIAN FOLK ART by Blake McKendry, 297 pages, 8.5" x  11", 208 black & white illustrations plus 2 in col., pb., ISBN 0-9693298-2-2, $34. new reduced price (originally $45) An extensive illustrated essay on folk art with a dictionary of 3000 painters, sculptors and craftspersons.


"This book has to be one of the more important works to emerge in Canada in this decade" Main Antique Digest


  HOLD FAST: the Story of William & Catherine McLeod and their Descendants, Glengarry County by Ruth McKendry and Jennifer McKendry, 52 pp., 8.5" x 11", 80 illus., pb., index, ISBN 0-9693298-3-0, $12. The emigration of William McLeod and Catherine McCrimmon in 1815 from Scotland to Glengarry County, Ontario, and the story of their descendants is told in a "fully illustrated and carefully researched book that sets an example for the presentation of a a family history" Ontario Historical Society Bulletin


INTO THE SILENT LAND: Historic Cemeteries & Graveyards in Ontario by Jennifer McKendry, 372 pp., 367 b & w illus. plus 11 in col., ISBN 0-9697187-5-6 

OUT OF PRINT – REMAINDERED FOR $15 (ORIGINALLY $53) at Novel Idea bookstore, Kingston

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