including dollhouses & furnishings 1890 to 1990; history of early miniatures made previous to 1890; Lundby dollhouses; telephones for dollhouses; history of lights for dollhouses (candle, oil, gas & electrical fixtures); dollhouse dolls; the same link takes you to the GALLERY of IMAGES of antique dollhouses, rooms & furnishings, as well as toy farm buildings, animals, shops & misc. toy buildings such as schools; sewing, accessories; on the porch & in the yard; etc.  The TOYS article now includes Nerlich (Toronto) 1908 & Schoenut (Philadelphia) c1920 catalogues.

BOOKS for sale on early photography, cemeteries & architecture by  Jennifer McKendry


including new!!  Bricks in 19th-Century Architecture in the Kingston Area,

new!!  Modern Architecture in Kingston,

Early Photography in Kingston from the Daguerreotype to the Postcard,

& Portsmouth Village (revised & enlarged)

articles on KINGSTON ARCHITECTURE Ontario, Canada

including Lake Ontario Park & Portsmouth Village (click on Kingston Architecture)

articles on  ARCHITECTURE in Canada

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